These are the addons that I use to build my interface and check information in-game.

User Interface

Displays the contents of your bags in one view, and organises your bags, using various smart filters.
Displaying various stats for combat analysis (dps, hps, deaths, etc.)
Deadly Boss Mods
General warnings, boss ability timers etc, and helps you not stand in the fire (unless you’re me on my paladin.)
Allows you to change the default Blizzard interface, and make your own custom one by hiding/changing actions bar.
TellMeWhen (TMW)
Allows you to create custom visual/auditory, and textual notifications about cooldowns, buffs, and pretty much anything else you could need.
Big Debuffs
Lightweight addon that allows you to increase the default size of the crowd control effects & increases the maximum number of buffs shown.
Elkano’s BuffBars
Provides statusbar style indicators to show the (de)buffs currently affecting your character. For the player, it can also show indicators for temp enchants placed on weapons.
Shadowed Unit Frames (SUF)
Allows you to customise your own party/raid frames.
Allows you to customise nameplates, and track various de/buffs.
Tidy Plates
Provides you with cleaner friendly/enemy nameplates.
Error Filter
Stops spam like “Not Enough Rage” or “Not Enough Energy”.
Exorsus Raid Tools
Shows things like raid cooldowns, brez, and more. It’s a good addon for raiders.
Gnosis (Castbars and Timers)
Can show ticks of channeled spells, and you can create custom timers for (de)buffs, as well as cooldowns on spells, runes, and items.
MikScrollingBattleText (MSBT)
Allows you to customise your combat text with various colours, sizes, and fonts.
Adds a small layer over each item slot which shows the ItemLevel, Socket Status and Enchant Status.
Allows you to customise your minimap.
Allows you to add text to items, spells, and abilities that are on cooldown to indicate when they will be ready to use again.
Allows you to customise graphics on your screen to indicate buffs, debuffs, and other information.
An addon that provides a skinning engine for button-based addons. You MUST have an addon the supports Masque installed in order to use it.

World Quests

World Quest Group Finder
Allows you to quickly find a group for doing world quests.
World Quest Tracker
Overlays all world quests on the map, allowing you to easily mouseover and select any particular ones that you want to track.

Follower Missions

Garrison Mission Manager
Will automatically how you the best percentage using a combination of your followers, and troops. All you have to do is click on the percentage, and then start the mission!


Personal Loot Helper
Simplifies the trading of personal loot by notifying you when a drop is not an upgrade for you, and lists the people in your group which would benefit from it.


Improves the speed of Blizzard’s default auto looting. Makes looking a corpse or container almost instant.
Useful when doing raid runs, if your guild uses it. Has a “master looter” who decides who gets what gear.


Makes it easy to sell all junk to a vendor, which includes all grey items, as well as user specified items.

Professions & AH

TradeSkillMaster (TSM)
Allows you to streamline your gold-making processes, including everything from crafting things, to buying things from the AH. It takes a while to customise the settings, you have to do more than simply download/install it.

UI & Raiding

Angry Assignments
It provides a convenient way to store and share assignments for different bosses, allowing editing by multiple people, and is able to display the information to raiders in a configurable format.

UI & Mythic Runs

Angry Keystones
Clearly shows what level your Mythic + is, and the timeframe in which you need to achieve a +2 or +3 chest. Also tracks deaths.

UI & PvP

Adds enemy unit frames to arenas for easier targeting and focusing.


Allows streamers and their viewers group for Mythic + dungeons. It’s an easy way for finding viewer keys.


BadBoy: Spam Blocker & Reporter
Blocks and reports spam like: gold, hacks, phishing, and account trading etc. from WoW chat.
Prat 3.0
Enhances the default WoW chat by using smaller modules that provide additional functionality.

Character Control

Gives you more options for keybinding your spells, items, or macros.
Enables click-casting and hover-casting on your unit frames. You can also use it for binding your spells.

Player Stats

An updated and logical display of character stats like total/equipped ilvl.
Allows you to sim your character, and see how much damage you can do with your current gear. This does NOT work for healers, it’s strictly dps).
Generates a Simulationcraft profile that compares all the trinkets in your inventory in every possible combination.
Allows you to set your own “Best in Slot” list and share it with raid and guild members for easy raid managing. Also integrates in item and boss tooltips to quickly give users feedback if they need the item or boss.


Shows you the most efficient route for leveling through quests, and has a good auto-accept, and auto-handin system.


Allows you to make notes on your map, and also shows you where various treasures (like AP chests) are.


Calculates scores for items, allowing you to easily see if it is an upgrade or not. You have to put in custom stat weights for your class/spec for accurate results.


Summons a random location-appropriate mount.


Overachiever – achievement tools and tweaks
Inserts media (fonts, bars, borders etc.) into LibSharedMedia’s storage. They can be selected by any addon the supports LibSharedMedia, a lot of them do.

Server Change

Server Hop
Allows you to change servers which allows you to find objectives for your achievements, collections, and quests with drastically increased speed. (I used it to farm chests for the Legionfall rep).


Inserts media (fonts, bars, borders etc.) into LibSharedMedia’s storage. They can be selected by any addon the supports LibSharedMedia, a lot of them do.


Mythic+ Damage Calculator

Allows you to calculate how much damage an enemy ability will deal to you on any given Mythic+ difficulty – this lets you know ahead of time whether or not you need to use any cooldowns to survive a hit.

Lists the affixes that are active this week in OC/NA/EU.