Hey guys, we are soon going to be opening up a store on Design By Humans, where Quin will be selling his merchandise (shirt, prints, phone cases, etc.). We wanted to make it a viewer fuelled project, where you guys will help us put designs in the store.

The way that we are thinking about doing this is for you guys to email me  (abblebables@quin69.com) your shirt designs. And then Quin and I will go through them, and choose our top 5. From there we will create a poll and include it in the stream, so that the viewers can choose the winner! If there is a month where two shirts have similar votes, then we will put them BOTH in the store.

It took us a long time to decide to go with Design By Humans, and we feel that they offer the widest selection of products, with the best profit margin.

We will also be doing a “trial period” for all new shirt designs, where we will sell them on Teespring and if you guys like them enough, we will move the shirt to the permanent store!

Hope that you guys submit your shirt designs!